I often get phone calls from Dallas Fort Worth social security disability applicants looking for help with their social security disability claim.  They often note that they are seeking a lawyer because they heard that a lawyer “can speed the case up”.   I have to correct these callers: a representative or attorney cannot, in general, “speed up” or accelerate the approval of a social security disability claim.   Sadly many non-attorney and some attorneys play into this myth be agreeing they can rush a case through.  Once the fast approval does not materialize the representative can always say, “well, we tried..”.

Social security disability claimant should hire an experienced social security disability attorney in their area because a skilled social security disability specialist greatly improves the chances of a favorable outcome.  In addition, our office, like many, carefully monitors the progress of cases, and my experience tells when when a case may have gotten “stuck” or hung-up in the process.  I make sure I keep the medical records up to date so that there is no delay waiting for medical records to be submitted.

Stay away from an representative or attorney who tells you they have a “special relationship” with social security that gets their cases approved more quickly.  You are getting the old “bait-and-switch”!