Cheap laughs from Spanish-speakers struggling with English did not start with Gloria in ABC’s ” Modern Family”. Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo generated lots of laughs as he tripped over his English regularly in the iconic “I Love Lucy” series from the 1950s. One regular bit when Lucy spent too much money, or got into a jam was for Ricky to tell her she had some “splaining to do”.

There is evidence that those on or seeking to be on social security disability supported Presidential candidate Donald Trump in his successful bid for the White House, and continue to believe he will “make America great again”. I have had more than one client and Trump supporter tell me they were assured by Trump’s pledge to not cut social security.

The Budget submitted by President Trump, however, provides for deep cuts to Social Security Disability. It calls for a $72 billion cut over 10 years to the Social Security Disability Insurance program. The budget proposes an additional $610 billion cut to Medicaid. Social security disability benefits would be reduced by the amount of employment/disability insurance received creating a disincentive for people with disabilities to attempt to work. Supplemental security income (SSI) benefits (see https://disabilityapproved.com/ssdi-vs-ssi/ for a discussion of the difference between social security disability insurance and SSI) would be reduced via a sliding scale for multi-recipient SSI households would deepen poverty among SSI recipients.

Trump Administration’s Office of Management and Budget’s director, Mick Mulvaney, dubbed “Mick the Knife” by Politico magazine, said these cuts would inspire more people to get off disability and back to work.” Implicit in that statement is an offensive assumption that many, if not most, folks on social security disability are in fact able to work (i.e., Mulvaney is suggesting that they will get kicked off disability and have to go back to work). Politico magazine reports that Mulvaney got President Trump to sign of on a budge that guts social security disability by claiming the program is “welfare”.

So I must admit in the interest of full disclosure that I did not vote for Donald Trump, and I think thus far he is turning out to be a lousy president, but I do respect a consistent and well-reasoned position. Probably a lot of Trump supporters think disability benefits need to be cut because able-bodied persons are on the government dole. But if you are on disability, and believe Donald Trump’s budget will make America Great Again, you have to my mind some “splaining” to do.

I expect that many Trump enthusiasts on social security disability might agree with “Mick the Knife” – that is, as to applies to other people on social security disability. But a simplistic view that “I deserve to be on disability but those other people do not” is not in my mind a strong or wise argument. The notion that dramatic cuts to disability security disability will only fall on those undeserving others is naive. And the idea that all those “other” people on disability are grifters is simply untrue.

I have handled social security disability cases in Dallas Texas for 25 years, and I agree there are many disability recipients on disability who probably can work. But the view of “Mack the Knife” seems to be that most are disability are undeserving.

So if you wear your Trump “Make America Great Again” hat to head down to the bank to cash your disability check, you need to ask yourself: “Do I have some splaining to do”?