National vs. Local

Social security disability laws and regulations are the same in Georgia as they are in Texas so social security disability attorneys and representives are not bound by State or regional laws and constraints.  If you are looking for a social security disability lawyer in Dallas Texas, you will have the opporunity to hire a national firm from California or  New Jersey.  “Big” and “national” tend to go together: big social security disability firms are almost always “National” in scope.  There  are, on the other hand, solo or small attorney firms that will take a social security disability case anywhere.

So if social security disability laws and regulations are the same nation wide, what difference does it make whether your hire a local vs national social security disability attorney?  In my opinion, A LOT.  Though the rules governing your claim are the same nationwide, all the critical aspects of your disability case are local: your doctors, medical treatment sources, and the state agency that handles the initial and reconsideration.  Most importantly, the Administrative Law Judge who will decide your social security disability case is based in your community.  Local social security disability attorneys who handle only disability cases become very familiar with the individual judges.  This is a very significant advantage.

Its not that local social security disability attorneys and the Administrative Law Judges socialize or play golf together – they do not.  Rather the local social security disability lawyer comes to understand the unique case approach of each particular judge as well as what information that judge want in order to approve a disability claim.