I am frequently asked by Texans suffering from a disability when he or she should consider filing for social security disability.  Here’s my simple answer:

  1. If you are still working and earning over $1000 a month, social security will not accept a claim for social security disability benefits.   In my experience as a social security disability lawyer in North Texas for the past 20 years, social security applies a much looser standard if part-time work is involved and income is less than $1000.
  2. Apply for social security disability benefits if you are unable to work in any capacity due to a mental or physician impairment for at least 12 months, OR you think that it is likely your inability to work will last at least 12 months.

If you are still working, but are struggling and believe the end is near, here is my advice:

  1. Work as long as you can stand it, slashing your expenses and saving money like never before.  If you are struggling with the job, and know the end is in sight, you should discontinue, at the minimal, cable TV, eating out other than special occasions, and that pricey cell phone plan.
  2. You must know if you have short-term and long-term disability benefits through you job.  Find out what the standard for short-term and/or long-term disability is, and have a frank conversation with your doctor.  Ask her if she would support you in a short-term/long-term disability claim.  If you have group disability benefits, don’t let yourself get fired before you file a short-term/long-term disability claim.

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