Choosing a Social Security Disability Attorney: Simplify the Decision & Avoid a Mistake (Part 1 of 5)

Finding the right representation in a social security disability claim is not easy.  Most people that are disabled and unable to continue to work have little experience with hiring attorneys. More importantly, most disabled people are under great stress, and usually make the decision to hire a social security disability lawyer when under the added stress of having just received a social security disability denial letter.

Too many people select a social security disability attorney impulsively as if gulping down an unpleasant medication just to get it over with.  Attorneys do not help with advertising slogans that mean next to nothing.  Social Security disability attorneys with several lawyers routinely add the years of experience for all the attorneys and, for example, boast “20 years of experience” when they have 10 lawyers with 2 years of experience each!  One national firm crows that they “are the most successful social security disability advocates” when all that really means is that they are the biggest social security disability representative firm in the country.

You need to cut through the marketing slogans and streamline the decision-making process to make a wise choice that is right for you.  This is the first in five posts on how to simplify the decision making process and pick a social security disability attorney you will be happy with.  Now you may be thinking, five articles to “simplify” the decision making?  Fair point, but sometimes it takes a bit of planning to simply matters, so stay with me through all 5 posts.

To simplify the process, you need to consider the primary types or “flavors” of social security disability representatives.  I find there are 3 critical “dimensions” of social security disability attorneys and representatives available in Texas and throughout the United States.  Understanding each can help you make a better choice.  I will address each in the coming weeks.  For now, consider these:

 Big vs. Small

Social security representation runs the gamut from solo lawyers to meg-firms like Binder and Binder, Freedom Disability and the Disability Group.   If you will pardon the phrase, “size matters” not in the sense that big is best, but in the sense that the size of the organization you deal with in your claim for social security disability is a critical factor for you to consider.  Take a look at part 2 for more details.

 National vs. Local

Social security disability laws and regulations are the same in Georgia as they are in Texas so social security disability attorneys and representives are not bound by State or regional laws and constraints.  If you are looking for a social security disability lawyer in Dallas Texas, you will have the opportunity to hire a national firm from California or  New Jersey.  “Big” and “national” tend to go together: big social security disability firms are almost always “National” in scope.  There  are, on the other hand, solo or small attorney firms that will take a social security disability case anywhere.

So if social security disability laws and regulations are the same nationwide, what difference does it make whether your hire a local vs. national social security disability attorney?  In my opinion, A LOT.  Details are in Part 3 of this post.

Specialized in Social Security Disability vs. Not

Many personal injury law firms are adding social security disability representation to their practices, while other attorneys (like me) do only social security disability.  Is this important?   See Part 4 and we will consider this issue.

In Part 5 I will put it all together with hopefully solid advice.


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