“Do I have to have back surgery to get disability?”

Lumbar (low back) problems are a common reason for social security disability insurance benefits.   Social security disability applicants are often in the process of considering various medical procedures that have been recommended by doctors.  For example, the back surgeon wants to do a lumbar fusion or the pain management doctor wants to implant a spinal …

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“How Much Can You Lift?”: Avoid the “John Wayne” syndrome

A critical question in assessing your disability is how much you can lift and carry, both on a “frequent” basis (2/3rds of the workday) and on an “occasional” basis (1/3rd of the workday). “How much can you lift?” is a standard question in social security administrative hearings.   We men often have trouble with that question.  …

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Do you need a Texas lawyer for your Texas disability case?

Most of us have been fortunate enough to not have needed to hire an attorney for a legal matter.  So hiring a social security disability attorney can be a challenge.  Typical Americans may have hired a lawyer for a will, estate planning, or the probate of a will.  Some perhaps have hired lawyers to deal with …

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Drugs & Alcohol: Poison for Your Body, Poison for Your Disability Case

Drug and alcohol abuse seem to be rampant in the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have worsened the problem: alcohol consumption has dramatically increased, perhaps as a result of unemployment, fear and isolation. The line between alcohol use and abuse can be a fine one.   If you have a pending social security disability …

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