Social Security Disability and Retirement

Can you collect both social security retirement and disability? Americans receiving social security disability often wonder how their social security disability benefits will impact their social security retirement benefits (and vise versa).  To answer this important question, it may be helpful to think of how the social security disability benefits program started and what problems …

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Medical Conditions that Qualify for Social Security Disability

Americans no longer able to work due to a mental or physical disability often wonder: “does my condition qualify for social security disability benefits?”  Social security disability insurance is a federal government benefit earned by working and paying FICA taxes – just like social security retirement.  Many who ask what conditions qualify for disability are …

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Who is the Best Social Security Disability Lawyer in Dallas?

It’s just human nature.  When we select a doctor for an operation, we want “the best”.  And when we need a social security disability lawyer in order to get social security disability benefits, we want “the best”. Several years ago a lady called me about social security disability representation.  I routinely ask callers how they …

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The Social Security Disability “Listings”​: So Important, Yet So Misunderstood

Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits are widely misunderstood. It’s understandable: few of us contemplate the possibility that we will become disabled and unable to work in the future. Our failure to understand what social security disability benefits are and are not,  and what it takes to secure them, is only exacerbated by the complexity, obtuse terminology and …

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Are Social Security Disability Benefits Taxable?

Albert Einstein once said that “[t]he hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax.”  Most Americans would probably agree.  Most social security disability recipients have been modest wage employees without complex income tax issues so they face an unfamiliar income tax issue in how the Internal Revenue Service will treat their social …

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