Helping With Your Doctors

Your treating doctors are not only critical to your health – they are also a very important part of a successful Texas social security disability case. Social security disability regulations provide that the opinion of the treating doctor is to be given “controlled weight” in most instances (the so-called treating physician rule) . A large number of social security disability claimants file for social security disability benefits based upon the recommendation of their doctors, psychologists. nurse practioners, physician assistants and other health care professionals. Doctors are often nearly as frustrated with the social security administration as their patients are, finding their letters in support of their patient’s disability seem to have been ignored by the government. Doctor and clinic staff are often burdened by the continual requests for medical records related to a social security disability claim by the social security administration and DDS, as well as lawyers who represent disability claimants.

At the Denman Law Office we have worked in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex handling only social security disability cases for 26 years. We are familiar with most of the physician practices and clinics, and have established a good reputation with doctors and mental health care professionals. We do not burden doctor administrative staff with unnecessary and duplicative requests for medical records.

We present your doctor’s opinion of your condition to the social security administration by a carefully prepared questionnaire designed to minimize the time required by the doctor in completion, and maximize the support for your disability case. Many social security disability representative that do not specialize in social security disability present doctors with “cookie cutter”, multi-page evaluation forms that ask about areas of functioning that have no impact on winning the claim.


Let us work with you and your doctor to win your social security disability benefits. Call us today.