Social Security Disability Depression

Social Security Disability Benefits for Depression

Get Answers About Your Depression & Social Security Disability

Individuals with severe Depression often tell us that the profound nature of their sadness and lethargy is hard to describe to others. While all of us have had sad times in our lives, or periodically get “the blues”, the medically severe condition of Depression is a condition far beyond what most have experienced.
Severe Depression that can result in the payment of social security disability benefits often includes the following:

  • Overwhelming fatigue
  • Inability to handle even modest stress Disability in daily and work life
    Loss of interest in basic activities of life, such as eating, sex, or being with people and loved ones

Dallas Disability Attorney Stanley Denman has 25 years of experience handling social security disability claims and has won benefits for hundreds of Texans with Depression. He understands this disease and what it takes in Texas to secure social security disability for those suffering from this debilitating condition.


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