Why Your Contingent Fee Social Security Disability Lawyer Does not Benefit from Delay

The fee arrangement for social security disability claimants is simple: 25% of retroactive benefits or $6000, whichever is less. Most disability claimants are in extreme financial distress and needed their disability benefits approved yesterday. On its face is seems the interests of the disability applicant and their disability attorney are not aligned because the disability attorney’s potential fee increases with every month that passes.


Waiting for Social Security Disability Benefits to Be Approved

Filing for social security disability benefits in Texas and other states is a waiting game. And the problem is that security disability applicants are by definition unable to work, and therefore usually in financial crisis.
This creates a truely awful cycle of frustration and anxiety while waiting for social security disability benefits to be approved. That frustration and fear easily spills over to anger and obessing over the disability case. Unfortunately the delays and waiting are a part of the social security disability process. It can be frustrating for me as well as a Texas social security disability lawyer who has handled only social security disability since 1991 to be unable to make the government move more quickly for my clients.
I have found it helpful to encouraage my clients to focus on what they can control, and develop a plan for survival based upon a reasonable estimate of how long the wait for disability benefits is likely to be.
I realize figuring out how to survive for 12 to 16 months waiting for disability is a tall order. But I have seen it happen now for over 20 years: somehow folks manage to survive. But the stress of living month to month expecting disability benefits to start any day takes a toll.
It also helps to focus on efforts to get better with regular medical care, improved diet and exercise as permitted by medical condition, and perhaps even developing some new hobbies and interests. Let family and friends know how long the wait is likely to be, and don’t be ashamed of your situation: you know you would be working in you could.

Common & Dangerous Myths about Social Security Disability (2nd of 5): Can A Lawyer Speed up the Process?

I often get phone calls from Dallas Fort Worth social security disability applicants looking for help with their social security disability claim.  They often note that they are seeking a lawyer because they heard that a lawyer “can speed the case up”.   I have to correct these callers: a representative or attorney cannot, in general, “speed up” or accelerate the approval of a social security disability claim.   Sadly many non-attorney and some attorneys play into this myth be agreeing they can rush a case through.  Once the fast approval does not materialize the representative can always say, “well, we tried..”.

Social security disability claimant should hire an experienced social security disability attorney in their area because a skilled social security disability specialist greatly improves the chances of a favorable outcome.  In addition, our office, like many, carefully monitors the progress of cases, and my experience tells when when a case may have gotten “stuck” or hung-up in the process.  I make sure I keep the medical records up to date so that there is no delay waiting for medical records to be submitted.

Stay away from an representative or attorney who tells you they have a “special relationship” with social security that gets their cases approved more quickly.  You are getting the old “bait-and-switch”!

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