Degenerative Disc Disease, Back Pain & Texas Social Security Disability

Degenerative disc disease is a condition that most of us – if we are fortunate enough to live a long life – will develop. Degenerative disc disease, which is also called spondylosis, is a general term used to describe changes that can occur along any area of the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar). It is most common in the lumbar area. Labeling the condition as a “disease” may be unfortunate, since it is a age-related condition in which the discs “degenerate,” or lose their flexibility and ability to cushion the spine.


Many Texans and Americans apply and qualify for social security disability benefits based upon degenerative disc disease. The mere fact, however, that one has been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease does not mean that social security disability benefits will be awarded.  Many with degenerative disc disease experience no symptoms or limitations.

The key determinate of whether degenerative disc disease will provide the basis for social security disability benefits is the extent of functional limitations that the condition causes. how does the degernative disc disease affect the ability to stand? to walk? to lift and carry? to sit?

As with all social security disability cases, age and vocational background play an important role. Persons under 50 years of age must in general prove inability to do any work, including so-called ‘sedentary” work. Persons over 50 years of age can be successful in a social security disability claim if the functional impairments of their degenerative disc disease keep them from doing the type of work they have done in the prior 15 years and they have no skills that can be used in different, less strenous work.

Proving a Texas social security disability claim based upon degenerative disc disease requires an experienced social security disability lawyer.  I have been handling only social security disability claims in Dallas Texas since 1991.


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