What Our Clients Say

Working with Mr. Denman was a stress-free process

My name is Don Mason I had been trying to work with the Social Security Administration for over two years. I have a neurological condition that had not been diagnosed. I was coming upon my last appeal and in need of a good attorney to help me get my Social Security benefits secured. When looking for a competent advocate you are easily overwhelmed with all the listing so I started calling, what impressed me the most about Mr. Denman is that he answered the phone himself which gave me an instant feeling of security I knew I had contacted someone that would end my two year nightmare with the Social Security Administration.
Working with Mr. Denman was a stress-free process he was always available to answerer questions and had a plan to work towards securing the Social Securely Benefits.
I would recommend Mr. Denman to anyone who is in need of an attorney to help them through the process of working with the Social Security Administration.
Don Mason

I would recommend him to family and friends

Mr. Denman was able to help me at a very difficult time in my life. He handled my disability claim in more than a professional manner. He addressed all of my questions and concerns and returned messages quickly. There is no doubt in my mind that I chose the best disability lawyer in Dallas. I would recommend him to family and friends and the community at large.
Paul Denning

Mr. Denman treated me with respect

Mr. Denman treated me with respect and he valued my opinion. I had a great experience with Mr. Denman. He took care of my case and checked to see if I was okay, if I had any problems and he stayed on my case as if I was his only client. Thanks Mr. Denman you have been wonderful!
Debra Cain

It’s a slow process, but Stanley made it painless

Stanley Denman has helped me for the last two years in my disability claim, and I got a favorable outcome after an ALJ hearing last month. It’s a slow process, but Stanley made it painless. He checked in with me from time to time, and calmed my frustration with the waiting, which is just part of the process. He handled the paperwork from start to finish. It was a pleasure working with him, and I highly recommend to anyone who find themselves in a situation where disability pay is needed. Don’t try doing it on your own. Paying the fees and winning is better than getting 100% of $0.00.
Jackie Kendro

If you want success with your SSA Disability Claim…. go with Mr. Denman!

As a retired military officer who is a fully disabled veteran, Mr. Denman represented me through the appeals process, which resulted in a fully favorable decision by the SSA Administrative Law Judge. From the first meeting he assisted me in navigating through the intracacies of the SSA Disability process. He asks hard, direct, and probing questions, not to insult you, but to fully understand the basis of your claim in order to better prepare for the scrutiny to come from the SSA. Certainly, I had the burden to provide proof/documentation of my injuries and subsequent medical treatment, but this is where Mr. Denman became invaluable. He was able to review and place them in commonsensical order and file them with the SSA within the prescribed time lines. He never missed a beat. Bottom line is that he knows the SSA system and their processes very well, and that coupled with his years of experience representing clients before the SSA, equates to a solid performance record with many more wins than losses. He is not a miracle worker, if a client doesn’t provide sufficient and timely evidence to support their claim, then a client must anticipate a denial of said claim. If you want success with your SSA Disability Claim…. go with Mr. Denman!
Client Wishes to Remain Anonymous

I think one of the most important facets was being treated like a person by Mr. Denman, vs. being just a case..

What a great experience to have a knowledgeable, experienced Attorney in my corner to help out on one of the hardest times I have ever had in my life. I think one of the most important facets was being treated like a person by Mr. Denman, vs. being just a case, he really made me comfortable, understood what I was going through and made the process easy.
You could clearly see the experience he has with disability, and it showed throughout the entire process. While in the waiting room for the hearing, you could see the other attorneys trying to figure out what to do, very unsure of themselves. When Mr. Denman came in, not only did he know what to do and know the people there, they knew him very well. What a pleasure to be eased throguh the process with a succesful outcome.
He explained everything throughout the process and even met with us after we got the paper work for the notice of decision (Fully Favorable!!) to explain any questions we had. I can’t recommend him highly enough. If you have him represent you, you won’t be disappointed, he knows the process and more importanly works with you.
Denise Misustin

He deals with you one on one, no paralegals, secretaries

I would highly recommend Mr. Denman to anyone who has filed for Social Security Disability and been denied. He will let you know how up front if he feels he can help you. He deals with you one on one, no paralegals, secretaries. He will be the one with you from the beginning until the end. This gave me a great comfort knowing he was on my side and helped me win my case with back pay too.
Mary Keahey

Mr Denman responds quickly to calls and messages

I used Stanley Denman for my Social Security disability claim. He is very smart and knowledgeable regarding the process and procedures for not only Social Security but also for LTD insurance and life insurance issues associated with disability claims.
The representative at the Social Security office that had my case had very nice things to say about working with Mr. Denman as well. It never hurts when trying to file a claim with the government to have an advocate on your side that they like. Mr Denman responds quickly to calls and messages with answers and guidance about next steps.
He also cares about his client’s well-being and treated me with much kindness and respect and just gave me peace o mind about the whole claim and process. I recommend him if you have a disability claim.
Lesa Colson

“I feel very good about your service. If I run across anyone needing your services you will be the one I would call on.”
Sandra Harvey

Having Stanley Denman manage my Social Security Disability case made a difficult and confusing process much easier to get through. Over the last decade, I got fired from over 25 jobs. I fought my mental illness hard, but it was progressively getting worse. Life’s challenges left me paralyzed. It was time to file for disability. I wanted an attorney who specialized exclusively in Social Security Disability. I’m very fortunate to have connected with Stanley Denman. He asked me a lot of questions but most of all, he listened. When he took my case, I felt a huge sense of relief. Stanley made me feel like I was always in the best of hands and not to worry. His calm and confident nature put me at ease. Most importantly, he won my case!
Jason Fishbien


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