How to win Social Security Disability if you are over 50 years old

Disability Benefits for Texans over the age of 50

When it comes to social security disability, age does matter. For Texas disability claimants over 50 years of age, the social security regulations recognize that as we age it gets harder to adjust to different kinds of work. Yet many Dallas-Fort Worth and Texas workers older than 50 are denied disability benefits despite a lifetime of paying into the Social Security system.This can be particularly frustrating to Texas workers who have proven their integrity and character through their years of honest work.

The Social Security Administration has special rules for claimants over 50. Attorney Denman knows these rules to help win your disability case. Further, there is a better chance for an attorney to obtain an “on the record” decision when a claimant is over 50 and can no longer do the sort of work he or she has done in the past.

If you are over 50 years old and are limited to unskilled sedentary work, Social Security will presume that you are unable to transition to other work due to your age. This can make a huge difference for your claim. A person limited to unskilled sedentary work may lose his or her disability claim at age 48, but will win it at age 50.

At age 55, it gets even better. A claimant limited to unskilled light exertional work is presumed to be unable to transition to other work.


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