Social Security Disability – Garland TX

Garland is a vibrant and unique city in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex – and it is growing fast. If you live in Garland Texas, and you are looking for information about and help with social security disability benefits, you have come to the right place.

Social security disability law is federal law: the same rules and regulations apply to a disability claimant living in Garland Texas, and a disability claimant living in another city of Texas, or any other part of the country.

But where you live does matter in a social security disability claim. We understand Garland and what it takes to win a disability case there and throughout Texas.

How to Win a Disability Benefits in Garland

Key #1: Regular and Ongoing Medical Care

Securing medical treatment when you are not able to work is a challenge – both Garland and in Texas in general.  Most medical insurance is tied to employment: lose your job, you lose your medical insurance.  COBRA extended benefits are expensive, and you have a short time window to exercise these rights.  The above census data “pie charts” show Garland has a very high rate of residence without medical insurance.

Many Garland residents pursue social security disability benefits at least in part to secure medical treatment via Medicare or Medicaid.  But the cruel irony is that without ongoing medical treatment Garland residents will have trouble winning disability benefits.

Fortunately, Garland has a number of low cost/free medical care options available:

Hope Clinic of Garland

Garland Health Center

Dallas Metrocare Services (mental health care)

County- based indigent health care:

These services are provided on a county, not city, basis. Garland is mostly in Dallas county, but part of Garland in Collin and Rockwall counties. Here are the county contacts to access needs-based/free medical care:

Dallas CountyRockwall CountyCollins County
Parkland (the Dallas County Medical Facility)Rockwall County Indigent Health Care
915 Whitmore Dr.
Suite A
Rockwall, TX 75087
Phone: (972) 204-7620
Collin County Health Care Services
Collin County McKinney Plaza Location
825 N. McDonald St., Suite 130
McKinney, TX 75069
972-548-5500 (McKinney)
972-424-1460 ext. 5500 (Metro)

Key #2: Hire an Experienced, Social Security Disability Lawyer who Specializes in Only Social Security Disability

It should come as no surprise we think the Denman Law Office is a great choice for Garland social security disability representation. But with this page we hope to give you as a Garland resident who might be wondering about social security disability, the best information possible, whether you hire attorney Denman or not!

Choosing a social security disability attorney is not much different than any other hiring decision for a service that is of critical import to your life. You look for experience and specialization. You look for someone who offices close to your community, with who you can communicate easily.

Disability Lawyer for Garland Texas

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Isn’t it Time You Got Serious About Your Garland TX Social Security Disability Claim?

Key #3: Prepare for your Administrative Law Hearing: but truthful, don’t “put on a brave face” but don’t exaggerate


Social Security Disability Benefits: Important Facts about Garland Texas

Garland Texas has a Slightly higher Percentage of Adult Residents getting Social Security Disability


Disabled workers

Garland has a high number of people who have no medical insurance

Persons with health insurance, under age of 65 years

Persons without health insurance, under age of 65 years

Garland is ethnically diverse

More Garland Residents are “Non White”

Race “Other than White”

More Garland Household speak a Language other than English

English spoken at home

Language other than English spoken at home

Garland Resident are Computer/internet  Savvy

Households with a computer, 2016-2020

Social Security Disability Office for Garland

Dallas Social Security Administration District Office, 10824 N US 75-Central Expy 1000, Dallas, TX 75231

Office of Hearings & Appeals for Garland

Most Garland social security disability claims– like all disability claims in Texas –eventually go before an Administrative Law Judge for decision. The ALJ hearing is where Garland disability claimants have the best chance for benefit approval. Disability claims for those living in Garland are handled in the Office of Hearing Operation (“OHO”) for North Dallas.

The following 12 Administrative Law Judges are currently assigned to the North Dallas OHA:

Traditionally ALJ hearings for disability claimants who live in Garland have been held in person at the North Dallas Office of Hearing Operations (i.e., Garland claimants were required to travel to the Dallas Merit Drive location for their hearing).

With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, all OHO offices stopped conducting in person hearings in favor of video or telephone-based hearings. Claimants still had the right to demand an in-person hearing but had to wait until in-person hearings were re-started only recently.

In addition, because video and telephone hearings did require claimant travel, many Garland cases are being assigned to OHO offices OTHER than the OHO office in North Dallas.

Currently OHO continues to give claimants the option of a phone or video hearing. While the situation continues to be a bit unsettled, it appears those agreeing to a video or phone hearing will get their hearing date sooner than those demanding an in-person hearing.

Attorney Denman has appeared numerous times before all the ALJs in the North Dallas OHO in his 30 year career, and can also advice Garland clients about the important ALJ hearing decision: in-person, telephone, or video?


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