Dallas Texas Social Security Disability Appeals Process

The Appeals Process DFW Disability Claims

The Decision and Appeal

The Social Security Disability benefits application and appeals process can seem daunting. The more you know, however, the better your chance of presenting your application in the best light possible. If you receive a negative decision, you have the opportunity to appeal it.

The Initial Application

The Social Security Administration’s process for the initial determination of disability may take three to six months and occasionally longer. Following the receipt of your application for disability benefits, a Social Security representative will review the information you have provided. In Texas if the representative is satisfied that the application meets certain basic criteria (like a long enough work history), the representative will forward the application and supporting materials to the Texas state Disability Determination Services (DDS) in Austin which is charged with deciding whether you have a disability that qualifies under Social Security Administration standards.

The Texas DDS may seek more evidence to further develop your file. The Texas DDS employs doctors and disability specialists to review medical records and collect additional information from treating doctors, clinics and hospitals. The agency may also send you to your doctor or a new doctor for an examination.